Website not loading over HTTPS and its active on Cloudflare

I registered for the Universal Free SSL plan and I followed all the instructions and my account was successfully activated. My website was working on HTTPS afterwards, but after sometimes, it stopped working. Everything appear to be good on Cloudflare, but my websites is not working on HTTPS.
Pls help me with this.

Does it work if you switch orange icon to gray? Can you share the domain?
It’s a new website I am working on.
It was loading over HTTPS an hour ago BUT it’s gone back to displaying privacy error again. I wonder why it fluctuates like that.

Works fine for me. I would clear your cache

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Oh…pls what orange icon do I need to change?

Your site is loading fine over HTTPS for me with the Cloudflare certificate.

Sounds like a cached value on your end.

Yes! It’s loading fine now.
Thank you guys.


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