Website not loading or loading without CSS

I have been using Cloudflare for over a year and have not had any issues. Nothing has changed with my domain or host in nearly 2 years. My website was working completely fine as of about 2:00am EST when I went to bed. I started getting complaints from members that it was no longer working at about 6:00am EST.

At first they said it wasn’t loading at all, so I assumed our server or Cloudflare may be down or we may be getting a DDoS attack. However, when I logged in the site would still load, but loaded without any CSS. Now, users are reporting varied things and it seems to sometimes change between PC and mobile use. Some are still having the site load until it times out while for others it loads the page but shows without CSS.

I did not change any Cloudflare settings yesterday. When I was informed of the outage I tried purging the cache and also told it not to minify HTML/CSS. Neither of those things has resolved the issue.

If it helps, my website is

Thanks for your help!

I see that your www record is :grey:, meaning it routes directly to the origin server. Your stylesheet loads from, which also gives timeouts. Your origin server appears to be overloaded.

You may want to reach out to your provider, as the issue is not with Cloudflare.

As already mentioned the issue is with your site, it simply times out

You should also make sure your www host is proxied as well, otherwise Cloudflare is only partially useful.

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