Website not loading on Mac computer

My client’s website is It’s been loading fine for about 2 weeks. Now today my clients contacts me that it’s not loading on a Mac. A message from Dreamhost that the site is not found comes up. It is loading on a mobile iphone and on PC computers though. My client said her client can’t load it either. I can’t figure out what could be wrong. I’ve gone over all the settings again and they all seem fine. Cname records set up and A name record. The domain was purchased from Dreamhost but is being hosted on Cloudflare. Am I missing something in the setup? I’d appreciate any assistant as I can’t see anything wrong.


That site loads globally from the two sets of tests I ran. If it’s not loading for them, they’ll need support to help them troubleshoot their computer setup.

Thanks so much for verifying the website. I’m wondering about the security certificate now. I tried it on my old mac and it came up saying it was an unsecure website. Is that what you are seeing?

Just tested. No issues found. You have no mixed content.

Could be due to the Web browser cache on your old mac. Try clearing it.

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