Website not loading from UAE

One of my client websites not loading from the UAE. What will be the issue?
How we can check if it is blocked by ISP?


One of my family members was recently in the UAE and they tried checking a few websites to see how censorship works in the UAE. Blocked websites visited through the UAE’s main operator, Etisalat, are redirected here -

If your client sees this page, the UAE Government may have blacklisted the sites under their laws. I’m not sure whether it’s simply not loading or whether it’s a ‘blocked’ problem. If it’s blocked, like above - it is possible to submit the website for review in a link on the page linked above.

If your client is not using Etisalat - Du (the 2nd main ISP in UAE) also shows a block page but others (like corporate) might simply not load - I’m not sure.

I’m not sure how close you are with your client - but I’d suggest maybe trying to pass the client the IP behind Cloudflare’s proxy. It might not load the site itself (depending on the site config) but it will determine whether it is a blocked by ISP problem or whether it is a Cloudflare problem.

Hope this helps :grinning:

I have contacted my hosting provider, they said there is no issue with their end. Earlier I have blocked many unwanted requests by using the Cloudflare firewall. That rule is still active and the website is still accessible in other countries.

I have another website hosted on the same server and also using the Cloudflare Proxy. This website is loading in UAE without any issue

The site is not redirecting to Etisalat proxy pages.
Getting the following error in chrome
The site can’t be reached
the connection was reset
Try checking connection

99% of users get this error message, 1% of users can access the website (i don’t know whether they have used VPN or Not)

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