Website not loading both with Cloudflare active and paused

Hello, I activated Cloudflare on the website

Once I activated it, the site stopped loading. It doesn’t show any kind of error message, it just keeps loading.

I switched from flexible to full (strict), but it didn’t help. Then I paused Cloudflare, and I still have the same error.

Is there something I can do to fix this?

Hi ,

The problem is not with Cloudflare & your problem is with your code as i saw in source you are using wordpress so it’s a code error

Yes , try debugging your WordPress site and check where the error occurs .

As already mentioned the problem is not with Cloudflare . If so try removing your site from Cloudflare and try If it work the problem is with Cloudflare but its mostly the wordpress code problem

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I have accessed it recently, and it works fine from my end - I see you are using Cloudflare for it. Can you confirm it works at your end?

Well it works for me!

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Yes , Now its working for me as well


So @lalaurabarreda it’s working for me and @Neeraj_1 as well as @fritex! What do you see if you open the site from your end right now?

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