Website Not Found

We faced some unknown problem.
When type in our website “”, the browser showed "404 Not found,
and keep loading and repeated “zh-tw” after our domain name.

It kept loading and add “zh-tw/” after the domain.

This host redirects to which appears to be hosted by Shopify. If you are receiving a 404 error from your hosting provider, you’d need to contact them to resolve the issue.

Thank you.Before we contact here, we already called Shopify CS but they passed it to Cloudflare to solving. We are now like a ball to pass away.

Are you trying to use Shopify for the site? If so then I’m not sure how they want Cloudflare to help you. They should be the ones supporting their service.

Yes I am.How can we do now ? :face_exhaling:

You should go to Shopify and discuss the issue with them. If they, for some reason, think Cloudflare is causing an issue then they can contact them directly as they are the customer here.

ok~thanks dude ~I will try again., :+1 :muscle:

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