Website not found http error 404

My website displays website not found http error 404
DNS servers are correct on my godaddy account
Using the free Cloudflare hosting plan
Please advise how I can fix

Was your site working fine on HTTPS before you added Cloudflare?

Yes, correct

What’s your domain?

asgrafx _ dot_com

That would be straight from your host, I’d pause Cloudflare for starters (Overview screen, bottom right).

I will give that a try and see what happens

My left side dashboard doesn’t show the overview option where do I find?

Could you post a screenshot of that page?

You need to select the domain of course.

Got it just put it on pause

I am afraid that site is not secure as you earlier mentioned.

I’d keep it paused and talk to the host to make it work again and with SSL. Only once it loads fine on HTTPS, unpause Cloudflare.

OK thanks for your help I appreciate your assistance

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