Website not found error after changing name servers

I have had my website for years on GoDaddy, but it got hacked so many times, I redirected to my virtual card. Now I built a new site on Groovefunnels and published it to my domain name and added the site to Cloudflare and changed the name servers on GoDaddy to cloud flare name servers, and removed the forwarding to my virtual card. Now the site can’t connect. One additional tidbit: When I attempt to add the hostname for Groovepages to cloud flare, I get an error that the host record already exists, however, I don’t see it in the list of cname records for this domain. I have other domains I added to cloudlfare and used this hostname without error.

It could be an “A” record with the same name.

As for getting the site to work, the best starting point is to “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview tab. Then get your site up and running with HTTPS, then you’ll be all set to unpause Cloudflare.

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