Website not displaying - Just Index showing

CCloudflare has been so flawless, I had forgotten they were hosting my very simple wordpress website.
Today however, I am only seeing what looks like a site INDEX - and I’m not even certain it’s my Index. Any suggestions?

Can you provide any more info? What’s your domain? Does the issue persist if you go around Cloudflare temporarily?

Sorry My Wordpress website Haven’t had a problem in 2 years (It IS a very simple website)

This isn’t a Cloudflare issue - that’s what your origin is replying with. I’d talk to your host and make sure your webserver is configured correctly to serve PHP at the index, with .htaccess, etc.

I’m not directly familiar with Wordpress much these days, but this is certainly an issue at your server I’m afraid.

Oh boy…then I’m going to ask a really naive question…It has been so long since I set up Cloudflare…I thought it was just a way to get ?certified? credentials but the company that hosted my site for years said my site was now being hosted at Cloudflare . I mean, I’ve never paid Cloudflare for ANYTHING - Could it be that the technician looked at where the DNS was pointing and assumed Cloudflare was the host/server? Sorry to ask such a dopey question - I’m afraid I was “set it and forget it” and I did.

This is a somewhat simplified explanation. Cloudflare is a web proxy that sits between your visitors and the origin server that hosts your site. Because Cloudflare works by hosting your site’s DNS records, DNS returns Cloudflare IPs (for :orange: records). Your site content is still hosted on your origin server. When a visitor’s web browser sends a page request, it is directed to Cloudflare for :orange: proxied DNS records. Cloudflare forwards that request to your origin server for any elements that are not already in Cloudflare’s CDN cache.

What you reference as “?certified? credentials”, is most likely referring to the security certificates that Cloudflare uses. Since your current situation has nothing to do with that, I wouldn’t expend too much energy focusing on that aspect right now.

Your site is missing the index.php file and has auto-indexing turned on. In the absence of an index file, your webserver returns the auto-indexed list of files and directories that are present it the web root. (The web root is essentially the top directory in your web site.)

If you explore the file list that is currently being served by your origin server, you will see a directory named AA that has one subdirectory, L-klaX, that contains yet another subdirectory named LinkedIn. That directory contains what appears be a fake LinkedIn sign in page. Another nested subdirectory appears to have a fake AliBaba sign in page.

My immediate concern is that your site may have been breached and could now be compromised. You are definitely going to want to engage someone with more expertise than whatever technician you already spoke with. You could always ask your host to escalate your request before you hire a third-party specialist.

I thoght I had plain forgotten Cloudflare role. The technician at my hosting company was unfamiliar with my long-stand account, so, apparently blew me off.
Thanks so much for your help. Stay well, Jim

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