Website not being found (sometimes)

I’m having an issue where sometimes the website is found and sometimes it’s not. It displays “not found”.
Here’s the url… I have hosting through godaddy and domain through google domains.

I did look at this site and looks as though the CNAME is missing Everything else is fine.

Also, I did put the Cloudflare name servers on godaddy’s dns management.

Any help or feedback would be awesome.


Google Domain

Note that putting a CNAME on your root domain (non-subdomain) isn’t supported via the DNS spec, so Cloudflare does cname flattening which is compliant and enables CNAMEs to work at the root. This makes it an A record instead of a true CNAME:

As for why it sometimes shows ‘not found’, how often ago did you change the nameservers? If the nameservers were changed within the last day, there might be an issue with your computer’s DNS cache or something of the sorts, so after 24 hours it shouldn’t show any errors like that (Note that when I visit the website myself, I never get this issue). If it happens again, take a screenshot if possible and post it here.

One thing that I noticed is that the displays “not found” and works as expected.

I did change the DNS servers back to godaddy’s name servers and then changed them back to make sure it wasn’t Cloudflare.

Looks like an issue with whatever server is hosting the website. It should treat www the same as the root domain, but the configuration is likely messed up.

For a quick fix, I recommend creating a page rule like the following so that any www address is redirected to the working main address:

forwarding url -> 302 -> to$1

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