Website not appearing post 24hrs of activating SSL


my website is not appearing post activation of SSL on 11th. 24hrs is over. can u suggest? I am not able to login to WordPress control panel as well.

Loads fine for me, with a valid certificate. Same at

Loaded fast for me but got mixed content on /wp-includes/js/wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=4.9.8

only homepage is loading without https. internal links are not working as it is redirecting to https

Everything loads via HTTPS. Try clearing your cache.

@sandro, i cleared cache in the browser and tried to reload
but nothing is coming!! only homepage displays when u try

It most likely is a local issue. Try with a different browser maybe.

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@sandro its really surprising that ur getting in https but I am not. I tried with 3 browsers sofar but not happening only home page loads withoiut https

On the same machine? Could it be you are having an entry in your hosts file? When you ping the host, which IP does it give you?

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