Website not accessible


Since i changed my nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers, this this what i receive when i try to access my website. My website is

This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.

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Website not found or accessible

Your website works for me. Try flushing your computer’s (or router’s) DNS cache.


I deleted everything , All cache and used different browsers , I also changed devices but still has the same error


Either your router or your ISP is caching the result. Can you try a cellular network? Your website works on both my home ISP and cell phone over LTE.


Oooh. I don’t know what’s happening , the website become accessible temporarily on my side but now not accessible again . What might be the problem


Is at accessible on your side now ? . because on my side it’s bringing the same problem again


It was fine when it was on Cloudflare, now you’re back on If you don’t want to use Cloudflare’s nameservers, you will have to ask your hosting provider for help with an inaccessible website.


My website was fully developed and functional but ever since i connected it to Cloudflare using its nameservers , this is what i get .

Not Found

The resource requested could not be found on this server!
I contacted my hosting and they said the code show the website is online but has no content, yet my website is fully developed and functional. I was accessing it well because changing the nameserver to cloudflare ones. So what can i do , I have waited for more than 48 hours thinking that its DNS propagation but i don’t know what’s going on. Does connecting to Cloudflare comes with all this downtime or there is a problem


Could you post a screenshot? This is what I get when visiting:


Thanks so much , It is working now

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