Website not accessible after trying pausing Cloudflare

I am just starting with Cloudflare. I just added the Cloudflare server name to my host service.
Right after that, I got an issue in WordPress sitehealth, the REST API was blocked. I wanted to try pausing Cloudflare to see if the problem was resolved, but since my website isn’t accessible anymore. I did deactivate the pause. I am not sure what to do anymore.


The domain is atelierpontfleuri . fr

Can you pause it?

it’s paused now

The site is rather slow, but that’s a server issue, but it generally loads when paused.

Yes I see that now it works :slight_smile: But I am not sure how to make it work when unpausing it? and why it would mess up with the rest API?

You said it was an issue when you paused it, not when it was not paused.

I said that I paused to see if the rest API issue was still there and then the website was not accessible. Then I unpaused to see, and it was still not accessible. Now is the first time since an hour that the website is accessible again. But if I unpause the website will again not be accessible right?

You either chose an insecure, legacy encryption mode or Cloudflare defaulted once more to that mode. You need to fix that and select Full Strict. The site should work then.

ok so now the website is indeed working again, thanks for this. But how can I make the REST API work with cloudflare?

What exactly is the issue?

Actually after refreshing the rest API error is gone, but here are the performance issues I get, within Wordpress

I am afraid that is a Wordpress issue and should be discussed in a Wordpress forum. Just make sure you have everywhere in Wordpress HTTPS URLs configured.

Thanks for your help! I will verify and let know here if I manage to make everything work :slight_smile:

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