Website not accessible after moving to Cloudflare to configure the settings

Hi team,

It has been around 2 days since I configured Cloudflare NS for a website domain purchased on Namecheap.

There wasn’t much settings except for configuring the website builder where the site is hosted. But I am not at all able to access the website. I also did the changes mentioned here.) and also suggested by website builder but still seeing a different issue now.

Can you please help urgently? The site in question -

Neither nor are currently proxied (:orange:), and as such, no Cloudflare features are available for them.

They are currently pointing directly to Dorik.

As such, it sounds like you should contact Dorik for further assistance, regarding the issues you’re having with their platform? :slight_smile:

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As I mentioned, I contacted the website builder where the website is configured on but still progress.

Even they tried to assist by sharing the steps mentioned in the link hyperlinked in my previous comment. As per their instructions, I was asked to turn of proxy.

Hi team, someone from the support who can help?

Dorik team has asked me to not proxy the A and CNAME records and yet I am not able to access the website.

If you don’t proxy the records, Cloudflare doesn’t take effect (at all, they will only handle DNS).

If, with the proxy off, you cannot access your website, this is an issue with the host. I’d recommend following the steps to install an Origin Certificate (or get the Dorik team to do it) and then turn the proxy on (:orange:): Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

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