Website not accessible after changing the name server setting for the domain

Had changed the NS record for the domain for more than 72 hours, but seems the change is not fully propagated when I check using DNS Checker:

And I start to see there are more NXDOMAIN in the DNS queries:

Anything I can do to resolve the issue? Thanks

All you can do is wait. DNS itself is properly configured.

The change had been made more than 72 hours so could it be some other reason for the propagation got problem?

The link you posted seems to resolve everywhere to Cloudflare.

Strange. Cloudflare in this checker tool shows failure

Some locations seem to fail, but that is most likely because of these locations. Your domain itself is properly configured.

Though it does seem as if your DNSSEC configuration is not entirely correct

In this case it shouldnt verify anywhere however. Make sure you fix that.

How I can fix that?

I just found that I didn’t enable DNSSEC. Seems the problem have been resolved when I enabled it.

Many thanks @sandro

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