Website not accessable

I can’t access my website on Cloudflare and could not find a way to get help from Cloudflare

Does your site work when you pause Cloudflare?

No, it does not. I used free option to create the website. All I get now is

"Future home of something quite cool.

I don’t have the cpanel credential to login!

In that case you will have an issue with your host. Leave Cloudflare paused and contact your host to fix that.

Host is Cloudflare.

Are you using Pages? Otherwise Cloudflare is not your host.

I wish I knew. the site is cydarien

Then you need to contact them. If it does not work with Cloudflare paused, then it is not a Cloudflare issue.

“cydarien. com”

Yes, that’s a host issue, you need to contact your host. Cloudflare is not involved here.

Thank you.

Pleasure :slight_smile:

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