Website no longer working 522 Error

So recently my website keeps getting the 522 Error. I have checked EVERYTHING!!! Port forwards, windows firewall, xampp, I even completely reinstalled xampp! But still no luck! I have this port checker thing (tha allows me to see what program a port is using and if there is an IP) If you goto my site a cloudflare server shows up in the port checker! So there is nothing worng with my port forwarding. It seams like it doesnt wanna send OUTBOUND info? I have talked to my ISP and they just told me they block ports (but its not blocked!!!) So my ISP isnt gonna help. I really hope some people here can give me things to try :smiley:

Kindly, may I ask you if you followed the steps from the below article?:

If using local computer and not a VPS or dedicated server, or some web hosting for your domain (given from a web hosting provider company), I believe you would need to check the forwarding rule at your router for a port 80 and/or 443.

How about inbound firewall rules and allowing Cloudflare to connect?

Have you tried pinging Cloudflare servers?

Have you re-checked the entered IP addres for your DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard? (maybe you entered local one instead of a real one - regarding the NAT?)

If not working, could you try with some other compatible ports with Cloudflare from the list below?
Also to note, if your ISP is blocking, then I am not sure what other options do you have if you cannot configure your network at home, other than purchasing a web hosting plan and trying going that way.

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