Website No Longer Loading After Changing NS to Cloudflare

when i transfered the nameserver over from GoDaddy to Cloudflare my website no longer loads. The same DNS settings are set up in Cloudflare as GoDaddy so i can’t seem to understand what has gone wrong. The website is from Mailerlite. Does any one know what the basic DNS settings are which would make my website load so i can re-check my DNS settings?
thanks for any help

Hello there,

You may need to wait for the propagation to complete. Check the status here

thanks for your reply. I’ve had a look at this website and the propagation has worked. When i go to my website ( it says it’s redirected too many times. Would you happen to know what this fix is? (this is still the same problem as i initially described)

it’s all fixed! I had to change the SSL/TLS settings to FULL!

You should use Full (Strict) to ensure that your origin certificate is valid.

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