Website needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding

We have offices all over US and lately some of our offices are starting to place tickets for certain websites not working. Getting stuck at needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Please advise how we can fix this as this is affecting productivity of our end-users.

Attaching a couple of screen captures that show the error.

Please advise

That is a challenge. Are they able to pass it or are the stuck on that page? If stuck, scan your system for malware and disable any ad blockers/browser plugins, check to make sure everything (browser, os) are up to date.

Is that your site or a site you’re team is visiting? If your site, you can adjust this setting, similar conversation on how to do that is going on here, Sercuity Level Challenge Page - #6 by cloonan

Hi Cloonan, the website never loads and it keeps refreshing every few seconds. Basically it’s like an endless loop. This is happening on all computers in Chicago, Orlando and a few other offices. I have checked various blocklists on the internet and none of our IPs are being flagged. Also all computers are always kept up to date throughout the organization. The websites are not ours, they are different vendor websites.

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Just received a ticket for another website getting stuck on Cloudflare page similar to the one in the screenshot I attached previously.

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