Website name south asian

Sir my website not open

Sir I can invest in this website but not open website now please solve my issue

Sir please help

Sir please help me

Sir are you connected

Sir pleasr help website not open

Website name

My website not open
Please help us I can invest in this website

Would you share the domain here in Preformatted text so that community members may help you out.

Sir Domain name

Many user open website but phishing warning show please help to solve my problem

I see the 403 error on the domain as of now. You may need a help from your host provider to look into this issue. Check the following article for more info. Refer to no. 6 quick fix

Sir when I can open website phishing warning shows

When I click on my domain I get this error “403 | You don’t have permission to view this page.”
I just signed up for Cloudflare so it’s my only domain, and i’m the only owner.

Interesting. The root appears to have a 403 at the origin. When I visited the sae.html page just now, I was shown the phishing warning. Clicking Ignore & Proceed attempted to initiate a download of an Android apk, which I declined.

Are you encountering a 403 in your Cloudflare dashboard? Your website has one at the root, too, and that may be causing some confusion.

Seems that page is infected. Looks to be the similar cases of compromised accounts with redirects. The best bet is: make sure your account is not compromised. If so, secure the account. Check the audit log & look for malicious redirects.