Website name server points to previous registrar

My website still points to Godaddy Name Server after changing registrar Cloudflare, How can I correct this.

That looks really broken. I can’t even reliably get NS records back for that domain. If nobody else has any suggestions, open a Support Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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Where did you change them? Everything still points to Godaddy (which I personally cant stress enough to stay away from :slight_smile: ) and not Cloudflare.

I didn’t change them, I just transferred the domain.

Fair point, I missed that. AFAIK Cloudflare currenty forces domains under its control to use its nameservers, so that should have changed automatically as to my understanding.

Basically like @sdayman mentioned, its best to open a support ticket.

I figured that should have happen, Thanks.

I have opened a ticket.

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@AJBrown has CF solved your issue? If yes, how?

I am in the same shoes right now, just transferred from Azure (it is GoDaddy behind the scenes) to CF registrar and my nameservers are not resolving.

Already opened a support ticket but they are responding too slowly, this domain is heavily used by us at my organisation for email and we cannot do our work now :S

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Okay, the support just replied to my request and updated the nameservers, now everything is working as expected.

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Did GoDaddy sales say this?

GoDaddy is literally the worse. I was forced to use them at once stage due to G Suite options being eNorm or GoDaddy at the time and I didn’t know eNorm.

Happy to have finally transferred away from them. I use VentraIP for .com.aus and Google Domains for the rest. is pretty cheap too.