Website moved and email address decryption stopped

A new client who has come to me because their website stopped working after they moved hosts, has a problem where since the move the email address is no longer being decrypted, so they now cannot receive email from their website. I am pretty sure it has something to do with config but I have no idea what. Any pointers would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

Hello there, please ensure you’ve the MX records set in the DNS records to allow mail functioning.

Missing MX records is why there is an industry trope about never letting the “web guy” have access to DNS. :wink: You are right!

The MX records are fine, as is the other DNS stuff. Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help

If that’s fine, I assume its working.

Nope its not

Can you share the domain name?

Would you explain what you meant by this?

It wont let me share the link. Remove the spaces
This is the domain in question.

www. nightingale - environmental . co . uk

its the info email address

Is your question about Cloudflare Email Protection?

Yes it is. On the previous host all was well. Since they moved it to the new web servers cloudfare now cant decrypt it. All the DNS records are set up correctly

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