Website Move to AWS

Our DNS is held within Cloudflare.
The website is currently hosted on a UK dedicated server.
We are moving the website to AWS.
Is it best to leave the domain with Cloudflare, and just point the www and root A records to AWS IP address, or will that create issues between the two systems?
The other option being to move the domain into AWS.
Thank you.

For what I know, you can perfectly maintain your domain in Cloudflare and use AWS.

However, AWS makes it a slightly bit easier and more automatic for some processes (ie. Amazon Certificate Manager) if you host the domain in Route 53. However, is far from being required, and pointing the records to AWS should be enough.

Also, AWS is more expensive than Cloudflare, since you need to pay for the DNS hosting + DNS queries made to your domain, while with Cloudflare you don’t.

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Thank you for your advice. It sounds like sticking with Cloudflare is fine to begin with then. AWS is new to me so am just finding my way with it.

You’re welcome. Please feel free to reply or open a new thread if you need more help.

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