Website Modifications

New to this and just wanted to make a few minor changes to a website - transferred the NS servers to Cloudflare but hasn’t completed yet - will I be able to make source code modifications once the transfer is complete?

Domain name was not transferred - does this matter?


You can continue to edit your own website while the transfer is happening.

I don’t see how to edit ? Domain registrar is go daddy but hosting is Cloudflare?

I had to set up a new account since I am helping a friend and they dont know who did the website

Hosting is not Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a DNS provider and offers a WAF and CDN that can sit between your hosting provider and your visitors, but Cloudflare is not your webhost. You still need a website hosted with another provider. Only you can make the selection of what hosting provider to use, as the options are virtually limitless and will depend on your skill level, available budget, and site requirements.

Okay thanks - I guess Im having trouble finding who is hosting the site and how to edit the phone number not just in the browser.

How do I find the website host if its not go daddy or Cloudflare?

Are you sure GoDaddy isn’t hosting the website?

Otherwise once you’ve found out who the host is, you’re also going to need to get login details. And assuming they even have an online code editor, you might need to do more than that.

You need to contact the person who owns the site and get more information from them.

A good starting point is to look up the IP address of the site and see who it is allocated to.

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