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I have a jobs portal blog [ ] in WordPress cms. But due to some problems, I want to host my website at Cloudflare. Can I do this without losing my old content hence it’s my live website?
Are do you provide secuirity if it is hosted in other hosting providers. Plese tell me the complete information. I am waiting
Thanks Cloudflare team.

Cloudflare doesn’t host sites. It’s a front-end (reverse proxy) to sites that are already hosted. With Cloudflare in place, you have protection against various attacks, and many performance enhancements as well.

Give their website’s front page a look for a good overview of its features:

Thanks for your quick revert. Can you provide SQL injection protection. If yes reply me

Yes, on the Pro Plan ($20/month) and above. The pay plans include WAF, the Web Application Firewall. See image below:

Though I would strongly advise against relying only on Cloudflare - the primary focus should be to have secure code base.


Thanks team

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