Website malfunction after enabling cloudflare


I have been experiencing problem for about a week now. When cloudflare is 'Enabled" on my website, i am unable to deactivate/delete any plugins & each time it gives me an error “The Link that you followed is expired” Please try again

However, when i pause cloudflare on the website, everything works normal.

Please advise. Thank you in advance.

What’s the domain?

Cloudflare is not enabled on that site right now so I can’t test it.

I just enabled it for you to test & help me resolve @sdayman

You’ve done more than just enabled Cloudflare. You’ve added a Cache Everything Page Rule, and that is causing the problem. Turn that feature off and your admin section will work properly.

you mean delete that rule or select any other option @sdayman ?

Would you also be in a position to help me with page rules that can speed up the loading time for the website ? Currently am on 4.8 s as per gtmetrix

After turning off Cache everything, i tested 6.8 secs on Gtmetrix @sdayman

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