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Hello after i implemented Cloudflare everythig is fine . only thing is theat when i try to log in it only stays 20 30sec after theat logs me out ??? Any ideea … I had this thing in the past when i was using Cloudflare and i quit using it for theat reason … Any ideas ?? How can i resolve it ?

May I ask what kind of type of CMS are you using? :thinking:
This reminds me on a few threads, one with Joomla CMS and one with WordPress - but unaware if that’s because of the Cloudflare at all as far as using more than 50+ websites using Cloudflare on which Joomla/WordPress installation is, even daily being logged-in for hours and haven’t had this issue.

Not using wp or jomla … Extremlymtorrents .ws script do i have to install mode_cloudflare ?

See here logIn Cloudflare problem SSL April 13, 2022 - YouTube this error is only on Cloudflare is activated

FINALY i have done it!!!
in my case i just need to change

// fara cloudflare @
//function getip() {  
//	return $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];

to this

//== Updated getip with validation cloudflare
function getip()
   if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP'])) {
       return $ip;
   foreach (array(
   ) as $key) {
       if (array_key_exists($key, $_SERVER) === true) {
           foreach (array_map('trim', explode(',', $_SERVER[$key])) as $ip) {
               if (filter_var($ip, FILTER_VALIDATE_IP, FILTER_FLAG_NO_PRIV_RANGE | FILTER_FLAG_NO_RES_RANGE) !== false) {
                   return $ip;
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