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Hi There,

I tried checking my website location It shows USA. How can I change the country? Information source :


That appears to be using the details from Cloudflares IP addresses in the ARIN database. These cannot be changed.

Is this causing an issue, or is it just a cosmetic change?

I want my site to be served from India through Cloudflare’s edge service to increase performance. Would you know how to do that?
Moreover, doesn’t Cloudfare’s CDN offloads media css and js files from my original server?

Thanks for you help.

Cloudflare use a technique called Anycast, where they use the same IP addresses in every one of their datacenters, so the country listed in the ARIN database is not really relevant.

Not all plans will be served from all PoPs, and you also have to deal with how the ISP a user is using connects to Cloudflares network. Using the search :search: above you can find lots of threads discussing connections in India.

By default, Cloudflare will cache .js and .css files. More information on caching is available here:


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