Website loads slow

My website takes 2.6 sec to load initial data
Please help me to improve my site’s performance
I am giving link of GTmetrix Stats

It takes a few reloads for all the static content to load into Cloudflare cache. Once that happens, the site is much quicker. And as long as the site gets enough visitors, the Cloudflare cache will remain loaded.

The home page HTML takes over a second to load, and that’s just Cloudflare waiting for your server to deliver this. Optimizing your site at the server will help with this, but that’s not something Cloudflare can help with.

Thanks for your reply,
Today my website is loading faster than tomorrow. I think there might be some issue with my server.

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Some users in asia/oceania are being routed to servers in the US, especially if the domain is on a “Free” plan. This adds an extra ~300ms of latency

You can check which PoP you are being routed to here:

(it’s the COLO=)

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