Website loads slow despite cloudflare activation


My website takes long to load, and I’ve been trying to optimize for speed. Here’s a link to the web page test:

I’m not web savvy, but I just wanted to see if an educated eye could help me check and pinpoint what’s wrong and how to go about fixing it.

I’ll appreciate any help.


Hi gbemigadare!

Out of the box Cloudflare may provide a speed increase in DNS resolution and delivering static assets. However it is important to tweak your account to reflect how your website operates.

A few suggestions within your Cloudflare account sections:

  • Page Rules -> You can create a page rule to always cache static files that live within a folder or subdomain.
  • Speed -> Overview: It will give you a more accurate response time than since it doesn’t rely on different ISPs providing unstable bandwith and devices.
  • Speed -> Optimization: Even free accounts get benefits like “Auto Minify” and enabling “Rocket Loader”. Both should increase perceived and actual rendering page speed.
  • Caching -> Configuration menu: configure “Browser Cache TTL” to be as high as possible in your scenario. It sets for how long assets will be cached before needing to be retrieved again.
  • Traffic -> You can activate Argo (although not free) to use premium network routing and see an increase in first time byte response loading.

Pro Cloudflare plans include things like Polish that can help you optimize image serving response times.

There are many other factors that may slow your website down. From what I’ve seen, you are using Wordpress, which may not be properly optimized. I’d suggest you to try out LightHouse free dev tool found in Chrome browser to see where and how you can improve your website, not only in speed but in accessibility and more.

Best of luck!

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Hi @alekrumkamp, great suggestions!

Here perhaps your meant static-content HTML pages? Static files (images, CSS, JS etc) are cached by default, and do not require a specific page rule.


As your webpagetest link shows, more than half of the whole time was spent at the origin. If the content you create is static in nature (page does not change whether or not the visitor is logged in), you may create a page rule with Cache Level: Cache Everything. Please search this Community forum for ways of implementing it on a WordPress site.

Also, your images are at a third-party CDN. These files are not cached by Cloudflare, and you may want to A/B test whether they would load faster if you stop using the other CDN and placed the images at your origin so that they are cached by Cloudflare.

Last, I’d suggest you add all the third-party domains your site send requests to ( etc) as Preconnect hints. There are some plugins that can help you with that. (I personally use Pre* Party Plugin for that).

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Thanks a bunch for your recommendations, @alekrumkamp. I’ll look into each and start with ones I percieve are the easiest to implement.

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Thank you @cbrandt. The clarification was helpful because I was contemplating: I thought the CSS, JS and CSS was already cached. I’ll look into implementing other recommendations too, and see how much they reduce.

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