Website loads only after all the content is loaded


I have this strange issue where all of my pages on the website load only after all the content is loadad (untill that point, everything is blank) and it wasnt like this before, I already tried many things to fix this, but no idea what creates this issue, has anyone encountered something like this before?




Seems to load fine for me…or I’m missing the issue you’re describing. If you clear cache or try from a different browser, do you still have issues? Other option to troubleshoot is pause cloudflare and see if the issue persists.

Hi Cloonan,

for me, (on any device or browser) the pages load only after they are completely loaded, so if you click on something, you get a blank white website and after couple of seconds everything is loaded at once. Do you see it also like this?

Ah, understood, yes I see that. If you pause cloudflare, does the behavior change?

no, it stays the same. So I guess its not in Cloudflare, but I have no idea what else it can be.

This site may be of some help,, although I went to grab the url of an image and am now getting an error with ssl. :frowning:

thanks :wink: yea, I was trying to completely turn off Cloudflare even with the nameservers and that turned off also the SSL, but it didnt help.

Got it, I was able to run the test on the page, That is for a particular page, you may want to run the test on a few pages and see if you can spot commonalities with the slow loading assets.

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I see the problem and I don’t, I think it is because of a css style you are using which is a sort of preloader, if you can find this, you could probably remove it, otherwise, it could be wordpress.

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Found the issue, it was an HTML code for Google Optimize which caused it, strange because it was there for ages and never caused this. Now the web still kinda loads funky, as if two times really quick, but its faster now,

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