WebSite loads for some users fast for others slow or even not

I recently (because of some flood attacks) upgraded to nginx.
I also applied the “DNS and HTTP proxy” option to hide the actual server behind to prevent direct DDos attacks and keep my website up.

Well in general everything runs fine and smooth, except for some others.
For others the side is loading really slowly > 10s and they may even get a Cloudflare error page with the error code 503.
I investigated that a little bit and found out that it must have something todo with the routing and the actual Cloudflare proxy server.
You can just try it by yourself:
Try to visit the side:
You will notice that the side works properly and response within milliseconds or not depends on your luck.
Connect to a VPN or PROXY
Visit the side again. If you’re lucky you will have a different result.

My setup:
The URL redicts to the Cloudflare “DNS and HTTP proxy”
My nginx server listen to the port 80 (and just for test on 443 with a self signed certificate)
I enabled Crypto => SSL and set the type to flexible

Well I hope somebody can help me out :slight_smile:

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