Website loading time issues

Hello Cloudflare Support Team

I am using free Cloudflare package, But in my websites all inner pages are very slow(loading time too much) like these pages:

1: Online Olympiad Exam Preparation Classes & Sample Papers for Class 1 to 10

2: Online Olympiad Exam Preparation Classes & Sample Papers for Class 1 to 10

We are using Gtmetrix, Yslow, Google page speed insights for Test site performance. our main issues is website Loading time, Can you suggest which Cloudflare package Suitable for us ??. Please Suggest according my requirements

Not Cloudflare’s support here, but the forum. Your domain is not on Cloudflare and that’s a server issue, which you need to check with your server administrator.


How can i fix loading time issues ? Please suggest me.


As I already mentioned that is something you need to figure out. The forum here is not for general “how to administrate my server” problems but specific to Cloudflare issues.

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So your zone is on Cloudflare but not this subdomain. Meaning the subdomain is :grey: while the is :orange:. Cloudflare won’t use its magic if the subdomain isn’t enabled for Cloudflare’s extra features. Also, some constructive criticism that may help with your loading times.

  • You’re using WordPress which when using conflicting and/or hefty plugins can cripple response time.
  • As said your subdomain is not :orange: your A and AAAA record for (in your list as just store) will not get the help from Cloudflare if that is not enabled.
  • The theme you’re using seems to be loading a custom or weird font at least. The problem is most likely in your <head> meaning the html <head>, not your physical head :expressionless:
  • so one of your plugins must be causing a problem either loading files or loading javascript, as well as if your site is not caching, which it has a ‘no-cache’ header which cuts down on loading times on subsequent visits.

Cut down on the amount of plugins, and maybe unload plugins till it quickens up and you’ve found your self the culprit.

And yes, as @sandro said, this is usually a ‘only Cloudflare issues’ forum, so next time, try for some other place to ask your questions, like stackoverflow, or the wordpress community in general.


Please Suggest me how i can enable subdomain : ?


On your Cloudflare DNS Panel, see Step by Step How to add a subdomain - #2 and enable the cloud on the store record

Yes I have added all subdomain according you, but loading issues have not fixed yet, can you suggest further steps for fix loading issues?

Which is the subdomain you are having issues with?

store @olympiadsuccessggn you need to click on the grey cloud for store.

That depends on which subdomain the issue is with (as I asked). The OP may not even want to use CF services on store.

@domjh his post is actually Website loading time issues - #6 by dnayak009 but he’s lost in translation :expressionless:

In which case, @sandro or @cloonan or someone else with power… can this thread be split to avoid more confusion plz!

Trying to understand what to split here, but not really sure what :sweat_smile:

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We already did that, sorry @matteo

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Alright then, completely missed the split there (saw the exact location now) :sweat_smile:

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yeah the posters are the same just lost in translation

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this page URL is too slow Online Olympiad Exam Preparation Classes & Sample Papers for Class 1 to 10, Also all categories in Store Sub domain getting too slow

Your main problem is that your registrar is has a godaddy NS as the authority for your site, not Cloudflare (Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email). So when people who aren’t forcibly using (Cloudflare DNS) as their DNS provider, they are not getting the Cloudflare records that pull your site through Cloudflare’s caching. It is a noticeable difference resolving your site on a device using and on a device using something else - by changing between Cloudflare and Google for DNS, I noticed about a 10-15 second loadtime difference…

Also those who are using