Website Loading Speed Issue

Hello, this is actually a pre-purchase question.

I am using free Cloudflare plan for my site When I ran the site for speed test on Pingdom, it’s showing me the different result for different server. Where the loading time is under 3 sec on Washington it’s 7/8 sec on Brazil. 5 on Tokyo, 6 on Frankfurt.

Am I doing something wrong here? If I don’t, then what’s the issue here? And if I upgrade my site on pro plan then will the loading time will be the same for all servers? I am planning to sell digital products on my site so speed is really important for me. And I prefer loading time under 3s (from every place) at any cost.


TTFB is already about two seconds

Unless you are caching your whole site (-> Cache Everything) you’ll need to fix this on your server. Cloudflare cannot speed things up if the server takes long to respond.

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