Website loading slow and pictures not loading

I purchased cloudeflare 5 days ago and ever since I did it has caused me big problems. It crashed my website so it was not working at all then now for the last few days it has caused my website to load very slow and alot of pictures do not load at all. There is noway to get ahold of anyone this is my 3rd time posting in their support chat I got no response in my other messages. I have tried to cancel and go to a free plan but it does not even let me cancel I get error 1000 and the reason they give why I am getting this error when I look it up I already did and still does not work.

Hello there, I’m sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.

Just for clarity, what is the website in question?Do you have an opened ticket with support? If so, could you share its ID here and I’ll make sure to work on it?

Remember to include as much detail as possible in your support ticket, including any error messages and steps you’ve already taken to resolve the issue.

Please find common causes for Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP here


  • Make sure to check your Cloudflare DNS settings to ensure they are correctly configured.

  • Purge the cache in your Cloudflare dashboard to see if that resolves the slow loading.

  • Use Cloudflare’s Speed Test tool to identify any specific performance issues.

  • If you’re still encountering error 1000, review your DNS records to ensure your A, AAAA, and CNAME records are correct.

All of my website that are behind cloudflare are slow too.
They used to work fast and suddenly all of them are slow now, I changed nothing.
I have to remove cloudflare from my websites as they were taking 10-20 seconds to load sometimes 1-2 mins.
without cloudflare the load time hovers around 1 second.
I only use cloudflare for dns now.
All the other services have been very slow from few months.
At first I thought only free users are facing this issue, but i am seeing way to many articles and complaint even from paid users

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I have this same problem, I have used successfully Cloudflare for many years but now something has changed at Cloudflare’s end. If proxy turned on then sites are extreamly slow! I have very angry client at my hands because of it. I think Cloudflare should openly tell their problems on status page! When proxys are not working! And maybe send info or allow automatic bypass of proxy! I have brought over 50 clients from Finland to you, so I expect these proxy things to work again soon, please!

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I also got this issue.
If proxy is on, the page will take forever to load (20-30 seconds).
If I turn proxy off the page instantly loads.

I also got issues loading cloudflares dashboard, sometimes it never loads, other times it take ages for me to get in.

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There is clearly also some kind of dns (high latency) issue at the moment between me and cloudflare.