Website loading pre site landing page when Cloudflare is on

Hey all,

Using Cloudflare on two sites. One more recent the other older.

Both have the same theme and both on godaddy.

This site on full Cloudflare shows the pre site landing page as if there’s no site there yet then on flexible it loads as https but no lock. It’s confusing as my other site with same theme etc works fine.

Anyone have any ideas ?

Also can access the other site fine for wp admin no issues with that. is practically the same site as my first one but can’t get into the admin of cossystems. net on full Cloudflare and shows the landing page as if it’s a new site with the lock.

Website loads on flexible but no lock.

Any ideas ?

Many posts on the subject:

And probably Mixed Content as well:


Thanks for the link I’ll go through it. But i don’t think it’s mixed content I don’t think. In full it’s a ring like the site isn’t built yet so may be on go daddy’s side.

In flexible it loads with no warnings and inspecting the page for errors shows no mixed content.

Strange enough I never seen it before do this.

But thanks for the link I missed that one

Have you read this, @brian14?

Community Tip - Best Practices For Dealing With "Future Home of Something"


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