Website Loading Issue On JIO Internet Service Provide In India

From Last 20 Days I Am Facing Issue Of Slow Loading In All My Websites Which Are On Cloudflare While Accessing It Through JIO (Internet Service Provider) When Using It With VPN OR With Other Provider It Works Ok

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This does not seem to be the issue from Cloudflare. However, you can check for any errors right here:

Have Done This Test But Didn’t Received Any Error In It All Test Result Is Looking Good!

Some of the options you can check on using your dashboard.

  1. Enable 0-RTT Connection Resumption
  2. Enable gRPC if you are using API in case
  3. Enable Rocket Loader
  4. You can try Mirage (Available in Pro)
  5. Enable Early Hints

The above are a few hints in various ways to improve performance. Make sure you do not have any outage also check JIO for bandwidth issue.


Cloudflare should look into this. It’s real big issue, all sites with cf on is loading 10 times slower.

Also diagnostics done found out that traffic from INDIA is connected via Server location: Marseille however site origin is hosted in MUMBAI user requesting from Patna, Bihar why routing is done via thousands miles away.

Connected via IPv6

Server location: Marseille

Your network: Jio (AS55836)

Your IP address: 2405:201:a407:9824:9474:1cf1:ecb:584e

Vivek Prism

I think you can go for Enterprise edition which covers your requirement. Enterprise Internet assets are placed on Cloudflare dedicated IP ranges, providing prioritized routing and protection to ensure maximum speed and availability.
Check this plan and features:

i have Seen All This things but did not received any solution in it. i think it is having bandwidth limitation in it can you guys connect to joi for this issue


You can write to Jio on this issue questioning the decrement in bandwidth. I’m sure the technical department of Jio would be able to learn about the matter and increase the speed.

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