Website loading issue Litespeed / Cloudflare

Hi, I’m new in this community.

I have noticed a problem while loading the homepage of my website filippobellisola(dot)com. Specifically, all the elements appear in a disordered manner during the loading process (e.g., logo, menu, footer, etc.). It seems like there are two loading phases: the first one displays all the elements in a disorganized way, and the second phase rearranges everything to show the homepage correctly. I have noticed that disabling Litespeed Cache resolves the issue. Therefore, it is definitely a configuration problem with Cloudflare/Litespeed. Can you help me with this?

Thank you.

May I ask if it’s running under the cPanel as a Web server + cache, or you’re using some kind of a cache plugin for WordPress blog, or both maybe? :thinking:

I wonder what kind of HTTP cache headers is your Litespeed setting at the origin host/server and serving to the user, without Cloudflare proxy? :thinking:

Could be either some JavaScript code in conflict with Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader feature, or something else in the between.

I’m sorry, but I’m not that technical either. Can you please explain the issue in simpler terms? Maybe I can still reply to your questions. I use Direct Admin as web control panel.

By the way, I have installed Litespeed Cache on WordPress as suggested by my service provider (Interserver), and I have kept the default configuration. I have also connected it to Cloudflare using the appropriate APIs. Everything is working perfectly fine, and in fact, the performance of my website has improved over time. However, I’m experiencing this loading issue. Just to clarify, I have kept the default settings (“Advanced preset” on Litespeed as recommended). Let me know if you can assist me in simpler words. Thank you very much!