Website loading incorrectly on the root vs. the www version

My website is rending incorrectly on the root URL, but if I use the www URL the website loads perfectly. I’d like the website to render correctly on the root URL, and secondly redirect any www to the root URL. (desired url) (correctly rendered)

I have CNAME flattening enabled and other performance integrations turned off in Cloudflare.

I am not a web designer, but the difference seems to be the sites are loading different versions of webflow.js.

You mentioned about CNAMEs, are you using a CNAME to get to the hosting? Note that the apex domain will always be flattened since standards don’t allow a CNAME at the apex so Cloudflare will always decode the CNAME and return an A or AAAA record when queried. Not sure if that is what could be breaking things.

I’d also suggest you redirect to HTTPS. You can use “always use HTTPS” for simplicity, or set up a redirect. Ensure your SSL/TLS settings are set to “Full (strict)”.

You could also redirect from the apex to www to give a consistent website experience and would fix the above (or, when fixed, redirect the other way).

Thanks for the reply @sjr and your suggestions.

You are correct. I now see the site loading on the root is loading an older version with outdated .js and .css files. But it’s strange because I have replaced those files via FTP on the server. Any idea on how those case still be loading or how I can truly replace them? They do not appear when looking at the files on my server.

Appreciate any support in getting this resolved.

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