Website load speed; CSS & JS slowness?

As you can probably tell by the post title, I am no expert.

I’ve been trying to speed up my sites load speed. I made significant improvements in optimizing my images, but there is still stubborn load time for CSS & JS processes, particularly on mobile.

My general understanding of what i need to do:

  1. remove unusused CSS & JS
  2. optimize code
  3. lazy load code

I dont know where to start here. anyone up to helping me find my way?

Hi there,

On your dashboard, under Speed > Optimization > Content Optimization, you’ll find some features, my advice is that you try and enable Rocket Loader and Auto Minify.
Then under Speed > Optimization > Image Optimization, enable Polish and Mirage.

This will pretty much cover every single of your requirements.

Note that some features require a certain plan to be available, if any of the recommended features is not available to you, either upgrade, or leave it disabled and see if the remaining ones are enough improvement.

Note2: Auto minify might not be fully compatible with certain CSS/JS, if this happens to be your case, you can either leave it disabled, leave only certain extensions disabled, or figure out which specific assets are not compatible and create configuration rules to disable it only in those assets.

Documentation about Optimization:

Take care.