Website link is not working

I sign up for cloudflare to get a ssl certificate for my shopify online store. I want my online to be more trustworthy to the targets I’m trying to attract for more successful conversions. When I completed the steps my website link stopped working. This is causing my ads to not work and no one can find my online store. Can someone please help me? I will attach pictures of the messages I get when I go to my website link and on my domain section in my shopify store.

What’s the domain?

Shopify already uses Cloudflare. Your DNS for your Shopify-hosted site needs to be set to :grey: .

My domain is

How can I set it up? I’m not sure how to do this.

This is what shows up when I login my shopify account and go in the domain section.

That “A” record is set to :orange:.

And they say you’re missing that CNAME record for www.

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