Website Latency Increased Since it's on US EDGE Location


I’m from Indonesia, majority of my clients and visitor are from Indonesia or South East Asia. I have server on Singapore, and constantly get sub 20 ms latency. Since my client want to use CloudFlare, I used cloudflare via CNAME from my server’s Plesk Panel ServerShield. We even have our own Railgun Instance in Singapore.

Somehow, after completing the setup, my website is located on US San Jose even when I click on Test button on Railgun Connection status. It said that the location is on San Jose. Why can’t I get located in Singapore? or any SEA POPs?

Maybe there are some thing that I need to setup?

Singapore or Jakarta POP is only available for paid plans (Business or Enterprise plans)

If you are using free plan, sometimes you will get Singapore, or sometimes you will go far away to the US.

Glad to know the reason. Thank you very much for the answer.

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