Website keeps rendering url's through Cloudflare despite cancelling account

I need some help with my domain/website.

Problem: Site cannot load fully because url’s are rendered through Cloudflare.

I did register my domain with cloudflare, but never changed the A and CNAME records at my provider.
However after a few days the URL’s in my Joomla website do not point to my domain anymore, but to cloudflare server. These url’s are visible in chrome (ctrl-shift I)
Because the content cannot be found at the cloudflare domain, the site is rendered without CSS, images and JS
I cannot understand why this is and where I should look for a solution.


DNS still seems to point to my original provider

Can someone help? What is wrong. Who should i contact?
Cloudflare or my provider or Joomla?

Thanks in advance

Your site is hosted and served at webrius. The page that you’re loading from webrius has a bunch of Cloudflare URLs in it. You need to fix the HTML on your site at webrius. I can’t even imagine why your site would include URLs with Cloudflare name server hostnames.

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A magical text field on Wordpress asking for the CDN server :wink:

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thanx for the quick response. You are correct to say that the HTML is not ok. But nobody changed anything to the code. I am the only one with access. Also i restored a former backup and the problem remained. So my guess was that it is not the code.
For this “secret” URL joomla parameter i searched through the dbase, but could not find any reference.
After seeing the incorrect URL’s and knowing i registered with cloudflare, i expect the answer must have something to do with it.
Any idea’s what to check/test next ???


Hi @lexvanhoof, sorry for the issues you’re facing. To @sdayman’s point, I also don’t know why there would be references to cloudflare nameservers in your code.

But, the site is not active on Cloudflare and never has been. From what I can see, the site was added to Cloudflare upon account setup and immediately deleted. Seems the next check is of the html & scripts for your site. The reference is causing a mixed content issue. If your remove the references to the nameserver, you’ll get an actual idea of how the site loads. It seems this was coded instead of

Hi Cloonan,
Thanks again. Good to hear that the site is not active on cloudflare. That was one of my first worries.
Still baffled by the fact how my urls could have changed without anybody having acces.
I checked all the source code and dbase again to na avail. The code itself uses only relative urls. I think only after browser rendering they become absolute urls with the cloudflare reference.
But it remains very strange that the URLs have changed to the exact notation of the cloudflare server. Active or not.
I am very new to cloudflare, but is there a mechanisme within Cloudflare to have this effect? Cookie or something.browser related.
Anyway, i’ll keep searching. If you can come up with something to help, i will be much obliged.


There is absolutely nothing Cloudflare can do to clear this up. It’s completely coming from the website on your server. I suggest you see if anybody on the Joomla forums can help.

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