Website Keeps Redirecting on moblile

i cant figure out how to fix this error, it only is happening on my phone but when i type in my domain it says “redirected too many times” and im pretty sure i dont have any redirects but when i look at the link one my phone after the domain it says this “/homepage/homepage/homepage/homepage/homepage/homepage/homepage”
and keeps going, when trying to fix this myself i went on my web builder (gohighlevel) and i changed the page path from “homepage” to “home” and it is still doing it and i was just messing around with settings trying to solve the issue but nothing is working and i couldnt find any youtube vids that solves that issue, and also the site doesnt work when i type the site as www and that doesnt work on my pc either (but my website works fine on pc using the normal URL)

For the www Part. Create a CNAME Record with www and @ as the destination. Then www should be directed into your normal Domain.

For the Other Error, could you share what the domain for your Website is? We can probably help you better when we are able to Check it ourselfes

sure its drcsadventures but the issue seems to only happen on mobile, i checked my phone on different browsers and clearling the cache and i tried it on my brothers phone and the same thing happened but on my pc i dont get that issue

Whats the TDL of the Domain?.com .net


I think i found it. Its .com

Strange i dont get the redirect Error

Chrome on Android

so you can see the site fine?, because im getting that issue on my phone and my brothers phone

Yes its working fine on my Phone.
Android 12
Both Chrome and Firefox. Newest Version in both cases


okay thats good, i care more that other people will be able to see it, but everytime i solve an issue i get a new issue. I done what you said about the www CNAME and now when i go to the www site it doesnt say its not secure anymore but its not displaing my site because i had to delete the CNAME record linking my site to a www website. so its like i have 2 options unsecure with a site showing or secure without the site showing lol

www gives an SSL certificate Error. Which is Strange because Cloudflare should Provide your site with a valid SSL certificate for *.yourdomain

Ok Cloudflare gives back the Error because your Webserver doesnt Provide a valid Certificate for www.yourdomain

Is your SSL setting Set to strict in your Cloudflare dashboard?

yes is it not supposed to be on strict?

Yes it is. I see something now that i did not check before. Your domain records (at least for the @ record) are Not proxied. I get a Google IP and Not a Cloudflare IP.

So the first Question would be if this is wanted. Do you want to use the Cloudflare proxy and CDN? Or Do you Just want Cloudflare as your authoritive DNS?

well i was watching some videos made my the webbuilders team (ghl) and when they showed how to add records to link the domain to the site and funnels they said to turn off proxy so i just did it

oh lets goo it looks like the www site is working and secure now

this is still happening thought (for me atleast) and i dont understand, i have nothing set to redirect to a /homepage

Ok the Proxy for your root Domain is deactivated. So Cloudflare only Acts as the authoritive DNS Server for this.

Your www records redirects at the root zone. Because Cloudflare uses CNAME Flattening for the root Domain your clients also only get the IP of the root Domain. So they get the Certificate of your Web Server right now. When that is ok you should be finished.

When you want to use the Cloudflare CDN in Front of your Server you would need to change the DNS records to the :norange:

Hmm okay, well i think im just doing to now touch anything anymore EVER lol because the www site is working and i just went on a private browser on my phone and it worked. Thanks for the help!

No Problem. I also noticed right now that some sites still report old NS Records. When did you enable the domain in Cloudflare? Maybe the DNS propagation is not finished yet. This could also make Problems.

Also do you host your site on a own Server or with a Webhost?

i host it through my webbuilder, but it might still be propagating becuase i bought the domain on namecheap about 4 hours ago i changed the nameservers so i can manage it on Cloudflare

Alright Yeah DNS Propagation can take up to 48 hours.

Alright when traffic and stuff should be no Problem and you have no need to use the CDN and Protection stuff of Cloudflare then you should be good to go :slight_smile:

When you dont have any Problems anymore it would be nice when you select one of the answers as the solution so that others see that the Problems are resolved

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