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Our website is protected by Cloudflare and every now and then it seems to drop off for a split second, giving us an error message and then reloads. We are on a coders server and our site runs off another server with others, the other sites aren’t having this issue, only us, so it appears this maybe a Cloudflare issue. However, this is beginning to happen more and more, where our screen freezes and then drops off for a split second, reload and the webpage is back again.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can stop this, or anything we need to change in our Cloudflare settings to stop this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

What is the error message?

It’s this. And when you look up the dns info it shows that the named servers of cloudflare are down at the time and it’s happening more and more.

So it says cloudflare working but it’s defo not our hosting server. So only thing it can be is cloudflare as its happening to more than one user :woman_shrugging:t3:

If Cloudflare’s DNS servers were unavailable the user would receive a DNS resolution error. The DNS has clearly resolved to Cloudflare’s edge as the user connected to it and an error was reported in connection to the origin. Further, Cloudflare provides DNS to 40m+ domains and it’s not clear from traffic in the community forum or that there are issues with their DNS server’s availability. So while it could be an issue with Cloudflare, the availability of their DNS servers seems unlikey as the root cause.

This appears to be a Gateway 504 error:

This is highly likely to be an origin specific issue. Has the administrator of the origin server reviewed their logs? That error message screenshot also logs a ray-ID. If the administrator is logging those, they will be able to correlate the associated requests in their log data.

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