Website isnt working after change in nameserver from godaddy to Cloudfare

Hi. Last night I changed my nameservers from godaddy to Cloudflare in order to get an SSL certificate, and very quickly (about 15 mins later), it said the status was already active on the Cloudflare’s website. Is it then normal that the website isn’t working after about 15 hours? Cause it said it could take about 24 hours from godaddy’s side, but since it was already active so quickly maybe it should be working already? A second thing that I did was: on the Cloudflare’s website, I switched on all recommendations to improve my website’s performance (including always generating https:// certifcates), maybe this could be another reason? Thank you!

I am afraid that’s not how it works, the site has to be secure on HTTPS before you use Cloudflare. Unless you are referring to an Origin certificate. Did you configure that on your server?

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To be honest Im sort of an amateur, all I know is that I needed an SSL certificate, so I registered in Cloudflare. I received an email from Cloudflare saying I needed to change the nameservers to:

  1. doug.ns.cloudflare + (.com)
  2. iris.ns.cloudflare + (.com)

After about 15 mins I did that on the godaddy website, I received a confirmation that it was status was active. After that, on the Speed>Optimization menu I clicked on a button which said smth like ‘Turn on all recommended actions’, so now the panel looks like this:

Maybe the issue comes from one of these settings?

Thanks for the support!

An SSL certificate always needs to go on the server and you need to reach out to your host. Cloudflare can only provide an Origin certificate, but that still needs to be configured on your server and has some limitations compared to Let’s Encrypt.

You first need to get the site to load fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare and only then, can add Cloudflare. My advice is to contact your host.


From what I can tell, you have an expired certificate and an insecure security setting on Cloudflare. You need to fix both.

First, you need to fix the certificate. Pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to get the certificate updated.

Only unpause Cloudflare once you fixed the certificate and your site loads on HTTPS.


Ok, thank you so much! So probably I started on doing the wrong thing to begin with. So if I understand correctly: I can’t fix the HTTPS certificate issue with Cloudflare, correct? The only reason why I changed to Cloudflare, was because I understood they would provide me with a free HTTPS certificate :thinking: So do you reckon I should get a certificate from godaddy for example? Or my host (which is Web Hosting Hub). Then in this case probably I wouldn’t even need Cloudflare…

That is absolutely right. You first need to fix the certificate on the server. As mentioned, Cloudflare’s certificate is not any different from Let’s Encrypt, so you probably better go with that.

If you signed up with Cloudflare only for a certificate, then you really won’t need Cloudflare.

Should you still want to get an Origin certificate →

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