Website isn't showing as secure on some devices

Hi, even though all of my SSL settings are turned on for the domain https://harmonicajamz-com, I noticed that pages on my website are not secured, or only secured on some devices (for example, the same page might be secured on my iPhone, but testing it from my friend’s Android shows that it’s not secure). I am trying both incognito or not without a change.

Example of a page that shows as insecure on most devices:


Another example (this time it’s a page published through a WP plugin called Leadpages): https://harmonicajamz-com/il

Also, the last address also tends to crash after about 1-2 minutes of scrolling, (mostly on iPhones, while showing a white screen and the error "a problem repeatedly occurred on https://harmonicajamz-com/il) and I suspect that it’s because of something which is SSL / Cloudflare related, because googling this error leads to many results stating that an insecure webpage might cause this.

Thank you.

You have a mixed content issue on your server.

thank you so much. will look into everything deeply.

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