Website isn't loading because of SSL certificate issue

Hey folks -
My community organization has had a website for a long time - - and I recently noticed that the site isn’t loading because of an ssl issue (error 526). I followed the link and checked the certificate - it seems okay. But the main issue is that the person who set up the website for us stopped answering emails and we don’t know how to access the control panel and can’t gain access to the WP admin area. I did a WHOIS search and it says that it’s hosted with Cloudflare - but that’s all I can figure out.
Would love some help or pointers on what to do next to regain control of our website.
Thanks in advance!

Cloudflare doesn’t host sites*. You should log in to Cloudflare, go to the DNS tab, and see where the www entry is pointing. That should give you a better clue where the site is hosted.

* Some exceptions apply, sure…

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was hosted at since that’s the registrar. I don’t suppose you have access to the enom account, do you?

Hi - thanks for your help gentlemen; I don’t know that I do have access to the enom account…

You’ll have to start with enom, as they are the domain registrar. Central control of your online presence begins there.

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Great, thank you for your help.

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Thank you for your answers.
I was facing the same issue for my website ( in which I was using Realy Simple SSL plugin for SSL certificate and it was not working properly.

Thank you for helping!


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