Website is wrong after changing dns

Hi, this is a really weird problem.

I changed my dns from namecheap to cloudflare over 24 hours ago, yet when I visit the website now on another ip, it goes to a completely random website in another language. I looked on and the last time the website looked like that was many years ago.

I have tried clearing caches, waiting etc but it’s still showing the other website and not mine.

Please help, thanks


That is not the right site?

Do you have a valid certificate on your server?

Nope, definitely not that one. That is what im getting

Then you’ll have the wrong IP address configured on Cloudflare. From what I can tell it should end in 131. Check your IP addresses and make sure they point to the right server.

I’m not that tech savvy unfortunately. How would I do that? Is it under DNS settings in cloudflare? I see most ip’s in the record settings ending in 129

Yes, that is the incorrect address. In your case it might be best to (exactly in this order)

  • Point the nameservers back to your host
  • Remove the domain from Cloudflare
  • Wait until everything works fine again
  • Re-add it to Cloudflare, following the official steps
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ahhh gotchya, no problem I will do that!

Thanks so much for the quick reply :slight_smile:

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