Website is working but flagged as "parked domain" incorrectly

My domain is flagged by McAfee as a “Parked Domain”. I need this to show as “unparked” but I don’t know how.

This is a custom domain redirected to Teachable via CNAME on Cloudflare.

In the CNAME record:

  • the name is @
  • the target set to the exact one which Teachable asked me to redirect to
  • it is currently set as “proxy” but I previously had it as DNS only and it made no difference to the “parked domain” indicator on McAfee (I changed it to see if it made a difference, and it didn’t)

On Teachable, the original teachable domain is now pointing to my root domain, which is what they told me to do.

Why is my domain showing as “parked”, and what must I do to get my domain showing as “unparked”?

Its just because its not linked to hosting service though it is registered. When this happens, the domain is called to be parked

Connect it to a host.

Thanks you Neiljay!
I bought the domain from GoDaddy - I presume they are the “host”?
Can I check I’ve got this right - to remove the “parked” flag, I need to connect my subdomain directly to GoDaddy and not Cloudflare?

Here, Godaddy is the registrar from whom you purchased the domain.

That’s questionable as I do not have further information on it.

Teachable is your host, but they won’t be able to do anything since your problem is with McAfee.

Fortunately there is a McAfee WebAdvisor website rating dispute resolution process.

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